Sunday, March 22, 2009

The demise of the mighty zucchini plant

Yes it had slowly turned into a fungal breeding ground of epic proportions. Also the fruit themselves were developing slowly and we had had enough of them anyway. So out it came. I was able to work out how may zucchini it had produced during it's life. I figured well over 80, not bad for one plant.
Still getting lovely large sweet supertom tomatoes, as well as red peppers. They smell amazing when they are just picked and warm from the sun!
A photo of today's pickings including the last of the zucchinis

One of the simple joys at this time of year is to pluck a cocktail tomato off the plant and a small basil leaf and pop them both into your mouth for a lovely taste sensation. Like pizza without the base.
There was also a visitor to the garden, a weta!

Some weta facts:
  • The weta is only found in New Zealand and is sooooo old, it has outlived the dinosaurs!
  • Weta are large by insect standards but some of the giant weta are ENORMOUS and are amongst the heaviest insects in the world
  • The weta is sometimes known as the dinosaur of the insect world
  • The weta is more primitive than the tuatara
  • The weta has changed very little in the past 100 MILLION YEARS!

More weta stuff if you are interested

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