Sunday, March 15, 2009

Combat gardening!

Had a good hard gardening this weekend, though mostly in the rest of the garden rather than the vege patch. Mowed all the lawns, cleared out a large jungle in the far back corner of the section, enough to fill the big green bin twice over, as well as cutting our huge eau de cologne geranium down to ground level. Whew. Smelt really nice while dealing to it though.

Did plant another ten beetroot seedlings and did some good picking, heaps of large ripe supertom tomatoes and more beans and zucchinis and some radishes (for roasting, apparently they're really nice like that) and a good bunch of rhubarb for a nice afters. Just nipped out and lifted a couple of the parsnips, smallish but well formed. They smell nice just picked. Grabbed a few small carrots as well so we will have a nice roast vegetable combination. All home grown, even the garlic, good old summer!

The espaliered tomato has truly gained new heights, I had to get up there to show it's magnificence! :)

I ran around and gave all the beans and peppers some flowering and fruiting thrive, it seems to really make them produce well.

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