Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clearing after rain

A couple of days of rain and wind that all our plants survived well. The sun is trying to peep out today. Picked the largest supertom tomato, it weighs in at exactly 500 gm, a one pound tomato, not bad! It had to have it's portrait taken I'm afraid, found a good spot to take the photo too, on an eggcup to show it's size and the shot was taken at the end of the bath. Makes a great curving white background with nice lighting effects. My Canon G5 camera has a neat fold out screen that can rotate so I can place the camera on the bottom of the bath and still compose the photo. :)

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Here's the biggest and the smallest

Also picked a ginormous capsicum, good hand full of new green beans, a bunch of nice small zucchinis (the plant is still pumping them out), some small carrots to thin out the rows and lots of cherry tomatoes.
The new pea plants are now flowering happily, it will be nice to wander out and eat a pod now then then.

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