Sunday, March 1, 2009

March, madness is upon us (so what's new)

After two days of continuous rain (most welcome), today was bright and clear and a bit humid as well of course. All the plants are happy.
Mowed lawns and spread mulch around the tomatoes etc. Most good after rain!
Planted seedlings of beetroot and lovely lettuce and three more coriander. Had to put up the brolly to keep them happy, the late afternoon was still quite hot for these babies.

The little beetroot seedlings look so pathetic, hopefully they will astound and amaze in about 7-9 weeks.
The chilli plants are starting to produce heaps. Used some last night, all still green but hotter than the fat red ones we have been using. They are supposed to be Tabasco ones, with extra smokey flavour. Bring on the red ones I say.

Had some yummy fat slices of tomato on fresh bread today, the beef steak ones are wonderful with a bit of cheese and a couple of rocket leaves picked fresh from the plant.

Smalls and bigs

Here's the next level almost ready for picking:

Gave all the fruity and flowery things some thrive, cut out all the worst dodgy old leaves out of the zucchini plant etc etc, and read the Sunday papers and had a most pleasant day!

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