Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiet ANZAC weekend

The new seedlings are growing nicely, we had a day and a half of gentle rain so all is well. More red chillies almost everyday now. A new batch of chutney is being made as I type using the last of our tomatoes and 12 green chillies!
Planted about 17 more silver beet seedlings in the old patch, so we sure won't be running out of chard for a while. Must find more uses for it...
Thinned out the carrot seedlings while they are just tiny to give then all a chance to grow, then thin them again for a good lot of baby carrots in a month or so.
Did a trim back of our huge ivy hedge so that it won't entangle unsuspecting passers by. It also allows a little more light to get to the garden.

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