Monday, January 1, 2018

New Years Day 2018

Hopefully it will be a pleasant year.
Some of the tomatoes are starting to show colour now so I did my wee experiment of picking one of two identical tomatoes and putting it in the shed in the dark.

Two closely matching tomatoes

the same two three days later

It was interesting to see that the fruit in the dark was arguably redder than the plant one, and also that one was attacked by our hungry resident blackbird. So from now on I shall be removing any toms that show colour and ripening them in the dark.

A collection of ripening tomatoes on the shelf in the shed, I doubt if the really green ones will do it though, I cut them off by accident

Big Black Krim toms still on the plant

The bobbica bean teepee is now a tree

Capsicums getting larger

Carrots need pulling

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