Thursday, January 25, 2018

January is slip sliding away

And it's getting pretty warm especially at night trying to sleep  :(

Watering has been effective and easy with the weeper hose and the timer thank goodness. The plums are all off the tree and the backyard is calmer without the two families of blackbirds that have sat under the tree for the thud of a falling treat day in day out. We have to grab the plums
as soon as they fall or there are holes in the best bits. The sparrows have been pecking into the ripest cherry tomatoes that are high on the plants. I don' begrudge them too much, there are so many...

My biggest, not a record breaker but pretty good none the less  :)

Tomato ripening in the shed

Fortune plums looking lovely

We have made some lovely deserts with these, sliced in half on the BBQ with a drizzle of oil, some dark sugar and a cinnamon stick and/or a star anise and wait till they melt. Consume with coconut yoghurt

A posing garden friend :)

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