Sunday, October 16, 2016

Middle October

Having to refrain from buying every tomato plant I see. I am heeding sage advice and leaving 'the planting'  for another week or so. By then I may have figured what sorts I want, a limit of 2, maybe 3 if they aren't all huge triffids.. So much choice, so little space. Same for chillis and all. I planted 26 dwarf green bean seeds as well as a good sprinkling of mesculin and rocket (own seeds). A punnet of mixed lettuce plants made the garden look sorted. Still picking tenderstem broccoli, I was about to rip them out but there is still new fresh growth coming so the get a reprieve :)

Broad beans are a most satisfying crop, the plants seem insect/disease proof, the beans are massive, and taste lovely steamed with a grate of nutmeg :)

Broad been bonanza

A good bag full
Checking my new lettuces

A red admiral butterfly on the Mexican orange blossom

The plum flowers I have been photographing are now baby plums

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