Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Labour Weekend, been there done that

And planted 2 tomato plants so far. Both heirloom, a black krim for flavour (from the island of Krim in the Black Sea) and a bloody butcher (high early yield of dark red fruit in clusters). I tried a black krim last year and it did not do well, I'm a devil for punishment. I've planted them over the spot I buried old fishing bait from the freezer, hopefully they will make more use of it than the fish ever did.
I followed some advice from a local gardening guru and soaked the plants in a solution of aspirin (apparently it helps prevent disease by 46%) and then planted deep well up to their second set of leaves. Tomatoes happily grow roots from the stem, the deeper the roots the better.

The black krim and the bloody butcher arrrrr   :)

Two tomatoes ready under their frame
This year I am going to grow the tomatoes up strings from a simple support. Hopefully it works out well

Meyer lemons beeing made

The fortune plums fattening up

Still harvesting a bag of tender stem broccoli every few days, the plants are now starting to throw up whole new side plants with even more bits. I would normally have ripped the plants out weeks ago but they keep on giving despite their general look

New broccoli head

Another bag of tenderstems

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