Thursday, September 29, 2016

End of September

and the beginning of daylight saving. Always nice when you get that extra hour at the end of a working day. Spring is happening all over the place, it's a pleasure seeing small things popping up and out of everything

The last of the cauliflowers is still being worked on, so nice grilled with a cheese sauce :)
Must grow more next winter, they were really successful

The broad beans are really coming into their own, we've been picking them young and steaming them but now they will be left to go large! :)

Broad beans are go

Yesterday's harvest, silver beet, florence fennel and tenderstem broccoli

The plum blossoms have almost all turned into tiny wee plums and all the 4 citrus trees are really starting to flower and form new growth

A bee beeing busy, the old flower at the bottom is showing a small green plum at the base

It has been quite wet the last week or so

Water drop in the fennel leaves

Dandelion detail, rainy days make you play indoors for a change

Back garden view

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