Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Preparing for winter

Have been busy spreading sheep poo pellets and compost around in the areas that will have things planted, like the tender stems broccoli seedlings that are almost ready. Just put in 20+ red onion seedlings as well as 1/2 dozen broad bean babies. Need to pick them nice and young so they are tender and tasty without having to boil them to a standstill.

 Captured a nice image of good insects creating more good insects :)

Lady birds at it
Have been researching a new lemon tree and it sounds like a yen ben is the way to go, thin skin, the zest is excellent and few seeds, a lisbon variety. It is also a true lemon so the flavour is superior. Never realised that the popular meyer lemon is a mandarin/lemon hybrid, so it's definitely gone as soon as we harvest the lemons it is now producing. The bit of vege garden will benefit from the extra space and light without it. In three weeks new yen ben plants will be available grafted onto trifoliate rootstock to make them even more frost resistant. They grow quite large up, to 4 meters, so the front lawn is definitely the spot. If we bother with another lime tree it will be another bears for sure though.

There are things I find in the garden that get saved till I can think of an image for them :)

A collection of dead monarch butterflies in an abandoned waxeye nest

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