Tuesday, March 22, 2016

End of the tomato and the lime tree!

Finally ripped out the giant sweet 100 double grafted tomato plant, it was one brown leaved mess in the end, still producing tomatoes but those weren't as nice and sweet as they had been. I have left the potentate tomato so far. That has not really lived up to it's name as the tomatoes have been small and not too numerous. The last fruit I let to just show colour before I remove them and put them in a dark cupboard, making sure they don't come into contact with each other. This makes them ripen faster than on the plant and also allows the plant to concentrate it's energy to the very green ones.
Our lime tree had grown very large and was creating far too much shade in our small patch and as they don't react well to pruning it was time to go, the lemon tree is due for the same fate once the lemons on it are ready. New versions will be bought and planted in the front lawn where they can grow unhindered in full sun. Citrus are closed canopy trees, the bark can be sunburnt when pruned and opened up apparently. You live and learn.

View without the lime tree and just one tomato plant, all ready for lots of winter planting

Lovely bears limes from the tree, some nice large ones too

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