Sunday, February 14, 2016

Warm days continue

Almost everyday has a high of 25-26C not too bad at home but it does get a bit tediuos at work wearing socks/shoes/long pants etc. :)
The garden is loving it, especially as it has been raining now and then (adds nicely to the humidity).

more plums tomatoes and ripening chillis

The chilli plant looks terible but it is still redening the fruit

Mywonderful zucchini plant, so far no disease and a couple of courgettes every second day

Drunken woman lettuces looking good, ready for sandwiches

More beans!
I have noticed that the plum tree seems to hide the fruit from above, so sparrows and blackbirds don't attack them all

Plums from above, bird's eye view

Plums from below, much more visible

Also sarted off seeds of Ford Hook Giant silverbeet,and Tender Stems broccoli and some Crosbys Egyptian flat beetroot

A couple of close ups of a cicada skin

Cicada skin front on

Same one side cicada

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