Wednesday, February 17, 2016

End of the plums

After weeks and weeks and at least 20 useable kilos the plums have finally come to an end. A full two weeks later than last year and the one before. We have bottles of plum sauce, plum jam and then more plum sauce and have given many bags to family and friends and my sister's schoolkids, not bad from one tree. Decided to pick the last 20 or so before they were fully ripe as the sparrows were really going for the best ones. There's still one plum left on the tree, poor thing

Last plum on the tree, the stone is still hanging on after the birds have been busy

Reading back in the blog to 2014 I had noted that the chilli plant then also wilted suddenly, most odd. According to the netty net it could be overwatering or underwatering. I swear it was neither :(

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