Monday, March 9, 2015

Garden reconfigure

March is upon us and the changes in the light direction and the shortening of days is becoming apparent. The sun is nice to sit in at the end of the day as it slants through the back garden. Quite different this year as the large titoki tree that graced the font garden has now gone, it blocked a lot of the late evening light. Lots of seed planting for the coming season, beetroot, tender stems broccoli, parsley, a couple more zucchini, more rocket and fennel, and lots of coriander

The vege garden path as been rethought, made wider and also made more potential growing space, a win all round

before and after, very subtle

A praying mantis with it's previous skin on the prickly zucchini plant

lovely limes, nice with a G&T! :)

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