Friday, February 6, 2015

The end of the road for three tomato plants

Waitangi Day! Lovely having a Friday off. :)

The tomato plants began looking sickly and quickly went yellow. I suspected it may have been from spraying with Neem oil but that may be coincidental. All the plants got blight but we did get quite a few tomatoes in the end. The Romas were probably the best. I have pulled them all out and harvested as many of the tomatoes that will still ripen.

Final harvest of the romas and the sweet 100's
 I planted the sweet 100 on September 22 last year, so they have been going for four months. There is still a small tub tomato doing well and a lateral baby of the roma is still OK. The garden suddenly looks quite empty. It is time to start sorting out winter pants so it's good to have some space for them now.

Shots after to tomatoectomy

Plums are falling daily, it's a race to get to them before the blackbirds do. They roll them over to get at the ripest part. Damn their beady eyes! :)

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