Monday, September 8, 2014

Gently getting warmer

The mornings are kinder, 7-8 C lately, makes everything a little nicer, the sun is up in the morning and there is a bit of light left after work. Daylight saving starts in 3 weeks, that will really make things feel summery. The peas I sowed a couple of weeks ago are now 2" tall and will need a frame soon. Sowed a couple of short rows of spring onions and a long mixed row of white and red radishes. We had a day and night of rain, the first decent lot for about 2 weeks, everything will get a big boost from that. The plum is blossoming well now, looks like we should get a good crop this year.

A bee line for the plum
The sharp eyed blackbird posed nicely for a portrait

watching you
Still picking tender broccoli bits, in fact we enjoyed some last night on a pizza.
The garlic has had a side dressing of good old wood ash out of the fireplace, apparently it's just what garlic loves. We shall see.
Beetroot seedlings reaching for the sky! :)

baby beetroots

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