Monday, August 18, 2014

Change is underway

There is a nice gentle confirmation of the coming summer in the garden now. Small buds are forming on the fortune plum tree, the sulking lettuces have come to life as have all the onions and leeks. Still picking lots of tender stem broccoli and the normal broccoli is ready for picking as well.
Broccoli heads
The vege beds have all had some more lime applied as well as lots of compost and a good sprinkling of sheep pellets. Stand clear!

Garden overview

Fortune plum flower buds

We have a dwarf nectarine tree to grace the front part of the flower/vegetable garden, hopefully it lives up to it's name 'garden delight'

Garden delight dwarf nectarine
The prunus blossoms have been out for a week already, always a treat.

Popped in half a dozen drunken woman lettuce plants and sowed a long row (20-30) early Provencal peas, nice to snack on in the garden soon.

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