Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marching to an end

Yes another month gone and another summer also passing. The tomato plants are gone and the big bean climbing frame too. I poked a hole through the water mains again, so this time we had the plumber put in a tap at the repair point. And to make sure I never poke another hole again I have made a small path extension to cover it over.

New garden path

A very good tree person came to remove the rest of the poor Titoki tree in the front yard, still not used to the amount of extra sky we see now. There's a great pile of very good firewood to be sorted though. There is now room for serious badminton!

Tree all gone

Have prepared the garden beds and planted out our home grown seedlings of tender stem broccoli, leeks,  silverbeet and beetroot as well as some extra beans to fill the gaps . Will make new seed trays of rocket, carrot, onion (red and white), fennel and  normal heading broccoli. Sorted for winter. In theory. :)

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