Saturday, February 22, 2014

The sound of summer

The cicadas have really started to sing now, it does feel like summer as the temperatures are into the 24-27C range most days. The humidity has been quite high which makes it all very close and uncomfortable. The plants however are loving it and we have a major tomato mountain we are all helping to consume. So far a chutney sauce has been made as well as a large batch of butter chicken sauce and also a lot just pulped and reduced before freezing. The long shaped roma tomatoes do make a very nice rich red sauce.
Ripening toms
Busy bumble bee on the chive flowers
The black krim tomatos are lowly getting larger and the new plants I grew from a couple of laterals are really doing well, almost up to the same size as the parent plant. Courgettes are still producing though I've had to remove earlier leaves that were getting very mildewy.
It's time to start getting winter seedlings sown and into their spots so they can grow a bit bigger and be nice and strong before resting through the cold coming months. Tender stem broccoli is the veg of choice, though they will need serious protection from the dreaded white butterfly until the first frosts put paid to them.

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