Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 is looking good so far

There has been rain and sun in even numbers so everything is happy as Larry!
I thought I'd shake the plum tree to see which ones were ripe, to my surprise about half of them dropped off all at once. At least it's not such a battle keeping the blackbirds and waxeyes off them.

Fortune plums
Pulled up the old carrots, each one was a work of art I thought. Some were huge.
wild and woolly character carrots

quick pick for dinner

Bean potato tomato

Dug up four of the early swift potato plants to see what was happening underground, the tops were all dead and brown. There were quite a few good sized tubers but there were very many very small ones as well. I am tempted to leave theme rest in situ and just furtle the larger ones as needed. Got 2.3 kg of early spuds from the four plants, seems OK.

Some of the swift and desiree babies

Freshly dug gold!

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