Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost Kippy

A week and a bit to go. Lovely for plants as the weather is now warm and there has been enough rain to keep it all nice. Have been watering things like the tomatoes and the chilli and the beans with weakish liquid fruit and flowering Thrive every weekend, it certainly seems to help as the plants are all growing strongly with lots of flowers and setting fruit. Bought a black krim tomato last weekend as the descriptions sounded so good on the Public Address forum and I just had to have one. I swear it has grown 2 inches since Saturday.

Beefsteak tomatoes getting bigger

Panorama of the patch

My early swift potatoes, they were nice!
 Planted 8 drunken woman lettuce seedlings in the shade of the main tomatoes. and we had the last of the peas...

Pea waka
Scarlet runner bean flowers

All promise so far

Electric chainsaw! Grrr!

2200W of  power, no tree is safe!
Garden looks just nice

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