Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water from the sky

Yes it did happen, and hopefully there will be more, we have been through a sustained sunny period and it was getting to be hard work keeping things adequately dampish.
Plums are falling at a good rate, there's one on the ground every time you walk past, the birds are enjoying the odd one I leave and I see the sparrows peck only the ones growing near the tops of the branches.
The branches droop nicely

under the plum

They look lovey inside

Fortune plum
Some are the size of a good apple. I have been enjoying a tomato on my toast straight from the plant

truss and sweet 100 tomatoes and fortune plums

The tomato plant has reached the roof

general view

A good harvest of potatoes, nadines I think

nadine potatoes
Small tomato

Sweet 100 tomato

Detail of the stalk

Sweet 100 tomato stalk up close
We liberated a poor long slim cayenne plant that was languishing at the garden centre, hopefully it can be coaxed into a wonderful new life

Cayenne long slim
And jars of plum sauce from red plums sourced from various locations around Opotiki

red plum sauce


Amy V. said...

Have your tomato plants ever *not* reached the roof? ;)

We had Actual Rain the other day too, it was totally weird!

Nigel Gnome said...

LOL, they do manage that, yes. :)