Sunday, January 15, 2012

Middle summer I guess

The weather is quite unpredictable, seems to happily swap from sun to rain at a moment's notice. It hasn't been the sort of summer that forces you outside for cool air, I hope it still comes, those nice long evenings outside with candles (and mossies) do feel like a real summer.

Have been using the barbie almost daily though! :)

The beans I planted the other day are up and looking good, the old lot are almost done now.

The corn is getting pretty close to harvest, the plants are huge and the cobs are fattening

Made some teepees for the ever growing aubergine plants, pulled apart an old trellis and used some of the long slats, the plants are looking very strong and are all showing flower buds now

in the foreground we have just planted the bottom cut off bits of spring onions, apparently they start sprouting and producing more in a third of the time if you start with seedlings! We shall see!

Zuchini flower, it's starting to get into serious production now

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