Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 and all's well

so far anyway...
The corn is now as tall as an elephant's eye, taller I recon. There seem to be two cobs forming on each stalk, apparently one to two is as good as it gets for sweet corn. They are starting to fatten up now so hopefully it won't be too long till eating time.
Here is a photo of me and the cat taken by Miss Gnome

The plaited garlic had to be hurriedly unplaited and most of the husks removed. I don't think they dried out enough before I tied them up, the stems were beginning to rot! Now we have a large airy basket in a dark corner of the pantry that will keep them hopefully.

They look good though

Tomatoes are doing very well, no disease or anything much so far, fingers crossed. I had to get the ladder out to be able to tie the tops to the support. (which all need extending again).

There are now a few red ones ready for sampling.
Miss Gnome is dying to sink her fangs into the plums which are looking tantalizingly good

 Popped in another two rows of radish seeds before the rains began again, the last lot are lovely and crunchie when sliced onto a cheese and ham sandwich!

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