Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bed extention

Pulled out the tangelo tree today, it went mad with new growth and had not a flower in sight. Sill thing grew about 6 fruit and they were barely edible., despite giving it all it needed as far as fertilizer etc etc.
So have been able to extend the garden bed currently full of sweet corn, there is now a nice large clear area for one zucchini plant. They are always good on the bbq.

Dug up the rest of the beetroot, they were nice and large!

and had a look at one of the potato plants, only got 5 decent sized ones, obviously far too early as there were many tiny ones still on the roots. These black ones are very nice for roasting and baking, they have a marbled purple interior.

Sowed some new rocket seeds. Have placed paving stones around the bases of the tomato plants to warm up during the day and hold the heat as well as trapping moisture under them. Sound like a good scheme! :)

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