Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shortest day!

Yes indeed, now we're at the shortest day of the year things can only look upward thank goodness, though the weather gurus say the coldest weather will come in the next 4-6 weeks.
The few frost we've had so far have made for stunningly beautiful days though of course.

Anyway, did the time honoured thing and planted another 50 or so garlic bulbs today, we should have a good crop come late-ish summer. The ones I planted a couple of weeks ago have almost all come up already, really nice to see, gives a feeling of growth in spite of the winteryness.

Also transplanted quite a few rocket seedlings into the warmest and sunniest spot.
The sprouts and broccoli are doing well, the cold mornings are just what they need to flourish.

Pruned the top 2/3 off a large lilly pilly tree today to keep it down to size and to also let quite a bit more sun into the back courtyard area. Looks a bit naked and ugly but it will soon sprout with new growth and look much more better. I am a totally spoilt gnome as I have a brand new step ladder (tall and sturdy) all to my self, as you can imagine that is a really useful tool for a height challenged individual such as myself.


Amy V. said...

Sprouts eh? You nutmeg fiend you! And garlic fiend... :p

Nigel Gnome said...

Oo yes, need that garlic!