Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garlic planting

Just planted 40 odd cloves of seed garlic in a well prepared bed of nice free draining soil with a good dose of granular thrive fertilizer. They need a good bunch of frosts to do well so the sooner the better I thought. I got clever and laid out a grid of unused stakes to make the planting nice and even and to deter cats from digging and pooing there.

Also picked a few of the beetroots to see how they were faring, not bad, a little small but just perfect for a small salad with feta cheese etc.

Took down the chilli plants today and harvested all the green and red ones off, hopefully the green ones will last a while, obviously the trick is to use them up first as the red ones will just dry up and can be used like that much later. One of the plants had been hit by frost and the peppers didn't seem to be maturing anymore.
Not a bad crop for small chillies, these tabasco ones are nice and hot and you only need a couple.


Chef Phil and Malinda said...

What a beautiful harvest at the end of your season!!

Nigel Gnome said...

Hey thanks guys!
Yes it's all a bit sad and cold now, though now that we're past the shortest day things can only get better.