Sunday, February 22, 2009

A quiet Sunday

A soft day, not much sun which is pleasant, you don't have to cower in the shade for once. The garden is growing and maturing well, specially after the nice day or two of rain we've just had.

We're trying hard to keep up with alll the eating. Specially the zucchinis, we have only one plant but it delivers 4-5 a day!
Tomatoes are starting to go red and we've been enjoying the big fat beefsteak ones on toast and all. There's a great simple recipe with slices of big tomato layered with buffalo mozzarella and good olive oil and fresh grated pepper and some maldon sea salt. Couple of basil leaves on top.
Shot of two of my tomato plants, the espaliered one is now 10 ft tall, the trellis is the same height as me, 5'8". I'll need the ladder to pick the blighters!

click on that to see larger versions.
We've had to give the supertom some copper spray and I've had to remove some of the lower leaves, they were starting to yellow. There's a very good tomato problem solving website here

The smaller self seeded mini fruiting tomato has started splitting the fruit as they near maturity, I remember this happening after rain in previous years.
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This website explains why.

Planted half a dozen small pea plants this afternoon called sugar bon, can be eaten fresh in salads or steamed or stir fried.

The cicadas are making an amazing amount of noise, they are all panicking as the end of their mating season is approaching with autumn.

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