Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February! Eeeek!

Well, it's warm and sunny, that's why we live here.
I had to rip out the early 'susso' tomato plant as it was not thriving anymore. The leaves were beginning to curl and the flowers weren't setting properly. The good news is that the beefsteak one is now starting to colour up.
Radishes are up and I planted another half a row. The zucchini plant is now exploding flowers and fruit in five different places! I'm picking them young and small for maximum niceness, and to keep up, I don't think there's much you can do to keep them for long.

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Been having simple bbqs with lots of chopped vege bits on baking paper with oil and salt and pepper. Did some corn tonight peeled and snapped into pieces then rolled tightly in baking paper with butter and a hint of salt inside, nice.

Pulled up the rest of the garlic as it was flopping all over the place, some of them were really nice and proper, after letting them lie around for a day or two in the sun to dry out I googled to find out how to plait them. Easier than it looks I must admit!

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But after a false start I managed to tame them and they look quite good. I think we really need about twice as much to last a year though.

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The Tabasco chillies are starting to look cute, small green fingers pointing up, they should taste nice and smoky.

A 2 minute minute movie of still photos:

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