Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whoosh goes another week...

And another weekend whooshes past as well.
The mosquitoes are a non event now when eating outside which is nice.
Ripped down the huge wall of sweet peas as they were at their end. So now I've moved one of the tomatoes over to the climbing frame and I'll attempt to restrain it onto the trellis. We had a small test eating of the yellow beans and they are edible, pleasant even! Hooray as they are rapidly becoming a force to be dealt with.

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They grow to 18cm and have black seeds, "wonder of Venice".

The potatoes are looking good and so far, touch wood, there has been no sign of disease.

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The soak hose seems to be a nice gentle way of delivering water to where it's needed most. The tap only just needs to be on a bit to get things nicely damp at ground level.

The plums are gently changing colour, the zucchini plant is getting ginormous, and the chili and capsicum plants look as though they will explode into flowers any minute. The new seedlings of rocket have come up, I look forward to some leaves on my cheese and mayonnaise sammys.

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