Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We have rain

Much needed rain! But it wreaked havoc with the potatoes. They have had such mad growth that there was not much support in the stems. Lost some branches but otherwise they seem to have handled being man handled back to upright. Must put in some support for them all.
Letting a few of the red broccoli flower more. I saw somewhere that the individual florets can be picked later. Madness prevails with the sweet peas, they're threatening passersby. The whole garden is looking good, can't beat spring!

The rocket has flowered and has been removed now. I loved having some leaves in a fat grainy bread sandwich with cheese and mayonnaise.
We have managed to find a perennial version though. But more real stuff will need to be planted.

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Planted the chillies and so far the zucchini plant is growing like a mad thing.

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