Sunday, November 16, 2008

Official tomato planting day!

Threw all caution to the wind and actually planted Mr Tomato into his permanent position today, his root ball was starting to get quite tight in the pot that has been his home so far. Luckily he hasn't seemed to suffer too much and done a droop as yet. The beans have reached the top of the tee pee that I'd made, now that has been extended with string up to the pergola high above, I'll have to get a ladder to harvest the beans if the plants keep growing at the rate they have been. There are also flowers starting to pop out so the beans must be eminent. Put the two capsicum plants into the new bed, and I'm tempted to leave a pumpkin seedling to grow, it's sprung up from the compost that we made so we know it's going to be the nice grey pumpkin that is so nice oven roasted with parsnips, garlic cloves and rosemary and things. :)

The rest of the red broccoli plants have decided to join the party and have developed nice heads

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They look wonderful against the red/grey leaves.
All the potatoes are growing almost as you watch them. Time to plant the new ones that have been growing strange lumps and bumps near the window in the spare room too.

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