Sunday, November 30, 2008

Restraining the potatoes!

After a rather fierce little storm the potato plants were laying all all over each other. They are quite hard to separate and to make them stand up again. I have set bamboo posts around the plot and have wound string around and between them:

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Some of the larger plants are showing signs of flowering.
The latest potato plantings have all sprouted as well.
The rainbow silverbeet is growing beautifully as it does, though some are trying to flower. New seedlings are on the way. A gnome's view of some stalks:

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Zucchini plant is growing things, not sure what so far, it was sposed to be just a green one. Gnome cam:

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A new soak hose has been run down the length of the patch to make gentle watering efficient and easy.
Not only but also, two new tomato plants were hand picked from the garden centre and planted this morning, a maxitom 'Big Beef' and a supertom 'Cockatoo'. The first a disease resistant large fruit, the other a cocktail small sweet type.

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