Thursday, August 9, 2018

Spring is teetering on the edge

Daylight is gently starting to lengthen, I have seen green on the plum tree,  bud burst is upon us, a quick application of copper was achieved this evening.
Trying to keep Mitzi out of the tree afterwards was not so easy.

Mitzi our new kitten in the plum (before spraying)

There are quite a few pickable things, heaps of flat peas (they love the weekly Fruiting & Flowering Thrive), two types of broccoli florets, large rocket and pretty spotted lettuce leaves, beetroots, and lots of silverbeet. Herbs are a bit thin but there is still pizza thyme, rosemary and coriander thankfully

Flat pea flowers

Lovely hellebores are doing well, new lens photo of the centre like a cake

Hellebore party :)

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