Sunday, September 24, 2017

Daylight savings day

And the day after the General Election, the result is still very much in the air, hopefully it lands the right (by that I mean the left ) side up  :)

Did a bit of yard work, organizing paving and edges. Planted some cool sounding beans 'shiny fardenlosa' up a new trellis arrangement up the side of the garden shed. Not full sun, but I am crossing my fingers

New paving layout

Shiny Fardenlosa bean seedlings

Broad beans doing it

The bees seem to have done a stirling job on the fortune plum blossoms, there are tiny plumlets all over the tree

The jersey benne potatoes are growing very well, I'll soon need to fence them up soon to stop them all falling over in stormy weather. The new ones I planted last weekend are now just popping up out of the soil in front of the buckets

Jersey benne goodness

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