Sunday, July 30, 2017

The end of July

Now spring can begin, I declare it so! The days are certainly a little longer with the shadow line retreating slowly to release more garden for planting. I have trimmed the top of the hedge to allow a bit more light in as well, garden beds that have had no sun are suddenly bathed in it, for an hour or two anyway. I have planted another six cauliflower seedling as the last lot were wonderfully successful. The tender stem broccoli have been good so far and continue to supply a weekly treat, as are the flat peas, a staple for our stir fries at the moment. Today we planted a dozen jersey benne seed potatoes all into container, one lot in a purpose bought potato bag, the rest into largish buckets, it will be most interesting to see what we get. The idea is to use fresh soil so that we get no diseases from previous attempts.

Freshly planted cauliflower seedling with the tender stem broccoli

buckets with jersey benne seed potatoes near spring onions, lettuce, broccoli, carrot seedlings, Florence fennel and rocket

Lettuce, beet root, flat peas and broad beans
UPDATE from the future, 15/11/17 had a dig into the biggest tub full of potato plants that are starting to wilt and look sad, and was pleasantly surprised to see quite a good crop of Jersey Bennes near the bottom, I took out enough for one meal and they were lovely  :)

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