Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March on

A whole new month, the end of  summer even, though cooler temperatures will be most welcome, the humid 26C days get a bit much after a while. I have torn out the large tomato plants, they were looking very bad indeed, basically a few twigs with fruit hanging off them. There are 4 or so sweet hundred plants just coming into production which will keep us happy for a while.
We have strongly growing cauliflower plants and a dozen strong seedlings of tender stem broccoli ( our favourite winter vegetable) Beans have sprouted and chilies and capsicum should start reddening up soon.
A non vegetable photo  :)

Grevilia flowers

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Which flower is it? I have seen it for the first time and it looks good. Going to look for it and hope that I will find it. Thank you for sharing it with us