Monday, February 1, 2016

Full force February

Whether we like it or not a new month has snuck up, and it was lovely to have had a three day Auckland Anniversary weekend thrust upon us! I celebrated by palnting half a dozen drunken woman lettuces and a dozen beetroot seedlings (never enough beetroot).

I took a three shot panorama looking from north onto the tomato plants, the grosse lisse in the fore gtround, with the cherry tomatoes behind left and the potentate on the right

Full frontal tomatoes
A lovely harvest two days ago

Tomatoes and chillies
Totally green chillies will not ripen off the plant apparently, not like tomatoes, though the minute they show some reddening you can remove them from the plant and they will then continue. This also triggers the plant to redden the next fruit on the branch so speeding the process up, most neccesarry on my dying plant.

I like this snooty fellow playing King of the Hill

Prime Mr Tomato

The result of plum wrangling, some lovely plum sauce for spare ribs etc

Best plummy goodness

Another show harvest , I do just put them on the outside table as I gather them and they somehow look like a photo though :)

today's pick
The lovely shades of colour on the borage flowers

Pink and blue borage
And a monarch on the dark forest pansy tree

A monarch in the dark

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