Sunday, January 3, 2016

Let 2016 begin!

Goodness only knows what madness will befall us this year and also hopefully what wonders there will be to enthrall us.
The rain that has been falling gently for the last couple of days has been very welcome. I have celebrated by planting 36 parsnip seeds and 30 white onion seedlings (pukekohe long keepers).
Sudenly the tubular beetroot are a good eating size and will be lovely roasted in the BBQ. The green beans are needing almost daily picking, they are a nice crisp small dark french bean, yum. The first taste test has been done on the sweet 100 grafted tomatoes, both on the same root but quite different fruit. The classic red is a strong tasty tomato, the sungold yellow/orange is amazingly sweet. From the look of the plant there will be hundreds to look forward to. :)

Tubular beetroot (cyclindra), banjo green dwarf beans and sungold and sweet 100 tomatoes

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