Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Longest day

And a hot one at that, 32.1C according to Metservice. And 3 more sleeps till Christmas! Thankfully the next few days are going to be cooler though it seems like we're in for a long hot dry summer. Nice other than for the garden, we have to pay for our water and sometimes there are restrictions on the use of sprinklers etc.

The boysenberries have been excelent, they are lovely with coconut yoghurt. The cage I made has kept all the bird competion out of the equation :)

A big bowl of boysenberies
The plums are beggining to show colour, love the skin details

Fortune plum begining to colour up
I had left one rocket plant to mature and after a week or so in the shed all the seed pods had dried out nicely. I laid out a few sheets of newspaper and trampled all over the plants, then gathered all the seeds and the bits of pod and then gently blew over them as I tossed them about in a steep sided bowl.
Rocket seeds after trampling the plant
Rocket seeds after winnowing
All from one plant, some of them have sprouted in the garden already, I have rocket seeds for ever  :)

A cabage white enjoying a delicate lavender flower

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