Monday, November 30, 2015

Boysenberry jail

Constructed a cage for the boysenberry plant, there is a lot of fruit setting and the birds have to be prevented from scoffing the lot. Four plastic covered metal poles with a top made of old trellis lengths held together with twisted wire. Then 5 metres of black ( more subtle in the garden than white) birdmesh attached with old clothes pegs to allow easy access.
cage over the boysenberry vines
Boysenberry only a day or two away, a cage in time saves nine...

The three tomatoes plants are growing like triffids, it's hard work just keeping the laterals under control.

The potentate tomato (midseason tomato, with good flavour and cropping capacity)

Potentate tomatoes starting to look good

The double grafted sweet 100 is starting to produce, it will be interesting to see the two colour tomatoes
Small wild strawberries are popping out.

Wild strawberry and friend

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