Monday, April 20, 2015

Beanless but there is hope of carrot

Poor old beans met their fate this weekend, they were looking like they were suffering. It was surprising to find how many pods they were still hiding deep under the leaves. These palnts have produced so many beans, many bags full. At times the yellow ones would be flourishing, then the greens ones seem to respond and grow a whole new crop, then the yellows would do it back. They were planed 6th January
I cut the stems leaving the roots in the ground enabling them to add nitrogen to the soil over winter.

last beans and more chillies
I wanted to plant some more carrots and have another go at the lovely parsnip. Carrots especially are very fussy about things in the soil, they will split into multiple roots whenever they strike something. I made a simple soil sieve from some fine windbreak material and a wooden frame. Dug two trenches to a spade depth and then sifted the soil back into them, tamped it down a little and then sprinkled seeds into two rows.

Home made garden sieve
The plantings of beetroot, silver beet and tender stem broccolli are all going well, the days are still in the 20's and the mornings at 10 (though there have been a few down to 4 a few days ago, prompting the inaugural fire lighting).

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