Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nothing to see here

More than a month since my last post, tsk tsk...

It's all been a bit boring really, the depth of winter are not the most exciting time for growing things. Some preparation work is good as spring is coming soon, in fact it hasn't been too cold of late and the sun is rising a little earlier every morning. The shadows are retreating from the main garlic bed so they will start to thrive now. There are nice peas to pick and eat fresh and lots of broccoli heads which are nice on pizza. Leeks are fattening nicely as are the brussels sprouts, almost ready for a harvest.

There has been a pea thief though...

Certified pea thief

And a kereru and it's mate graced the garden a few days ago, amazing birds, they sound so neat when they fly.

KFC would love these, native snack!

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