Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rainy day Sunday

Rainy but quite warm and nice and cosy indoors with a fire on, lovely.

Some good advice from the gardening guru in the local Whakatane Beacon. He says anything planted before the shortest day will think it's had a whole year's growth and from the shortest day onward the plant will think it's the second year. Many plants tend to run to flower in their second year, so don't plant those until after, plants like garlic, onions etc grow their fattest bulbs the second year, so it's important to get them in as soon as possible before that winter solstice.
We bought a small sad chilli plant from the nursery, it was the last one left and i felt sorry for it, so for $1 it came home. We are trying to keep it going all winter by bringing it outside for the sun then back indoors at night. in theory this should work well and so ar it has been happily flowering and ripening chillis constantly, long may it live.

Chilli in a cool white bowl

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