Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lovely sunday

After quite heavy rain the day before it was a lovely day to wake up to.

Weeded and tidied and spread lots of lime to help the plants absorb the fertilizers and improve the soil (they say to wait 2 weeks before applying fert after liming the soil though). Picked the big heads of the tender stems broccoli and have been enjoying them muchly. There are sprouts erupting from every leaf joint. The provencal peas are flowering and exploring their  woven frame.
There are very nice small guavas at the moment.

Lime snow

Prepared the bed with a spade or three of compost and planted 48 (6X9 of the fattest/bestest) garlic in a tight grid using bits of an old trellis. I lay it out so the hole in the gaps is the right distance to the next hole ( for garlic 5" apart is just nice).
Garlic planting lattice
I pressed them root down by hand about 2" below the soft soil. Remove the grid, cover them over and water a little.

A gnome gnoming .

And then an anti cat/bird wire cover

Thwarting the enemy

Looking lovely

Late Autumn

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