Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good news and bad news

 All of the seeds planted have now come up, much faster than the last time I planted some, I think the soaking really sped up the germination. But I suspect the black birds have nipped the tips of the emerging beans damn their eyes. I've now put some netting hats in place to stop them doing more damage.

 The capsicums are dropping their flowers, apparently it's called 'flower drop'. Can be due to lack of bees, too much nitrogen or the weather too hot . We just had a 31C day and bell peppers are very sensitive to temperature, preferring 21-26C so this may be the reason for our drop. I would have thought of these as hot climate plants. Chillies can take hotter apparently so maybe that's why we did so well with them last
 On reflection there do suddenly seem to be less bees than before. The odd bumble bee but no throngs around the lavender and the mutabilis rose. Again, it could be the heat.
I hope.

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