Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sneaking into December

And it's starting to feel quite summery, a day at 29C recently. Also it has been quite dry and is tipped to continue so for this summer. It will be nice for being out and about but it will be a mission to keep things watered. Found four of the potato shoots had gone completely limp, I tugged on them and they pulled loose from the tuber underground and the ends had a dark look to them. So far all the others are still fine. Whew!
The capsicums are dividing into three branches and I've put paving stones near them for heat and also moisture retention. Peas have come to an end. The garlic is all going yellow and looking tired, this is the goodness being drawn back into the bulb to make nice fat round ones for next year, it helps to not water or feed them at this stage. Seems a bit early, s'posed to be the longest day for harvest. (December 21 it seems).
Also the end of the planet according to the Mayan calender.

Constrained tomatoes with fenced garlic and bird wired baby carrots, yum
Against the light, the beans and potatoes, all really starting to flower

beaming light through the titoki tree

Bean flower          

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