Sunday, July 15, 2012

Winter days

There's not been much happening in the garden for the last few weeks, everything is just sitting and waiting for warmth. You can just tell the days are getting slightly longer thank goodness.

I've been busy indoors painting the lounge walls and bits of the kitchen, satisfying work as it all looks so good when it's all done, amazing amount of effort though.

A shot of pretty flowers taken with close up tubes(click for a larger view)

We are still picking peas and tender shoots broccoli almost daily. And I planted our hand grown beetroot seedlings yesterday, there were 25 of them by the time I untangled them all. Today there is a gentle rain so the planting was most fortuitous.

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A1 Chandigarh said...

I grew some golden chard this year, which is looking great, and is the one thing to have evaded the marauding armies of slugs...but I picked some for the first time a couple of days ago and it tasted VERY bitter - even with copious amounts of olive oil, butter and salt it had an unpleasant tang. I've had chard plenty of times before and not had this problem - could the bitterness have been made worse by the weather conditions this year Bangalore Flowers