Sunday, April 29, 2012

Autumn colours

The forest pansy tree on the back lawn is a delight at this time of the year. Actually it's a delight at any time of year, even as a bare stick thing it has a nice zig zag going on the branches.

I've emptied out the old compost bin and spread goodness amongst the peas and leeks and onions, even spared a bit for the two new zucchini plants (which have nice new chinis on them!  :)

Going to make new compost bins away from the ivy wall, it gets most of the goodness at the moment, will have to score some more pallets...

Cat and forest pansy

detail of decay

Dew drops



Gwen said...

I've really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your wonderful pictures.

I've also nominated you for a blog award (feel free to ignore the 'rules' if you don't usually do that sort of thing!)

Nigel Gnome said...

Hey, thank you Gwen!
Don't know if I can reciprocate though, I don't look at many blogs, this one is really just a garden dairy for my own use. :)